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Starting with only the finest, freshest milk from our family farms, the experienced butter makers at our plant in McMinnville, Oregon, make creamy Rose Valley butter. Our state-of-the-art butter churns are managed with meticulous attention to create our award-winning butter. The dairy farmers of our cooperative take extra pride in how they nurture their animals, the land and the environment in order to produce the purest milk available.

Our History

In 1931, 129 dairy farmers banded together to save their farms in the face of The Great Depression. This move to establish Farmers Cooperative Creamery (FCC) was successful in creating financial stability for these farmers and has been a thriving business ever since. Today Farmers Cooperative Creamery is comprised of 75 farmers in Oregon and Washington, and is located in McMinnville, Oregon (just 40 miles southwest of Portland). The family farmers of FCC are dedicated to producing pure, fresh milk while farming with a reverence for the land where they live, work and raise their families. Fresh milk is delivered daily to the butter churns in McMinnville where it is hand-crafted into Rose Valley Butter, known for its high quality and superior performance.

Our Farms

The farmers of our cooperative proudly produce wholesome milk, created with great regard for sustainable farming practices. We believe that if we carefully nurture the land and the animals that graze it, they, in turn, will take care of us. This philosophy has sustained our family farms for several generations. We value the time honored methods taught to us by our ancestors while utilizing modern day techniques that help us to produce the highest quality milk.

Our animals and their environment is our top priority. Our cows are raised with room to roam in herds and every day, from sunup to sundown, we provide our cows with the best care possible. Experts in dairy nutrition provide advice on the most healthful diet for our cows. In addition to lots of water, our cows are also given comfortable shelter and good medical care. This translates to a superior quality of milk that makes great Rose Valley butter.

Raising our children on dairy farms has served our families well for many decades. In addition to making our livelihood as dairy farmers, we are integral participants in our communities. We actively serve on environmental conservation boards, as well as boards for our local schools and churches.

Our Plant

Once the milk arrives from our farms to the creamery to be churned into butter, it first must be tested for antibiotics. If any antibiotic residue is discovered, the milk is immediately discarded, never to be used for processing of butter or any other dairy food.

At Rose Valley, we are committed to excellence at every level so our plant has a specially designed a Quality Program that surpasses State and Federal standards. We take great pride in our time-honored craft of butter-making using the finest, most modern butter churns available.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the butter churns. We believe it's important to be good stewards of the environment, rivers and streams that are part of our community. That is why, in partnership with the City of McMinnville, we have developed a complex water filtration system that purifies water from our plant and returns pure, safe water to our streams, maintaining a healthy environment around us. In addition, our creamery participates in an electrical conservation project offered through McMinnville Water and Light. This desirable program is another way we can aggressively move toward our goals of value and sustainability.

“As a dairy farmer, nothing is more important to me than the health and well-being of my animals. I can proudly say, on behalf of all our dairy farm members, that because of the care we provide our cows, they are able to produce the excellent milk that is used to make award-winning Rose Valley butter.”

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